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Pregnancy is an incredible time in a someone’s life: incredibly exciting, incredibly scary and incredibly special. I want to share information I now know after having two babies of my own and also from spending time with women who have gone through pregnancies who have shared their stories with me.


When I was in my twenties I never wanted children. I rarely had any time with babies or children being the youngest in my family and with no younger cousins living close to me.

When I was traveling and living in London, I remember feeling like something was missing in my life. It dawned on me I had no interaction with people older or younger than me – I was just working and working, nose too close to the grindstone.

I started a part-time job where I was delivering pamphlets and door knocking to take their orders – pre online shopping days. While doing this I got to meet many lovely retired people and I enjoyed it, that took care of my need for older folk but still no babies and I didn’t realize what was missing.

Fast forward a few years and after I’d met a guy who was a ‘keeper’ I was lucky enough to have a baby and appreciate how wonderful it was and discover what a positive impact it had on my life.

I remember being pregnant with my first and being slightly terrified. At the age of 36yrs, I had no clue. It had been a long time since my mother had had her babies, she was there for me but not with the answers I wanted. My midwife had only recently graduated and I was her first ever client, she herself hadn’t had a baby so she had no real life experience. I thought I was prepared but I had no idea.

I’m sharing information gleaned through experience and obsessive research at the time. Having since been involved with friends’ pregnancies apparently I’ve been able to help alleviate some of their fears. I also keep in mind that my daughters may one day want my help should they want to start a family. That especially motivates me keep up to date as during my pregnancy, not knowing what I didn’t know, I spent a long time researching and learning as much as I could at the time. Yet there’s always more to learn.

I’m also blogging to create a business within the online world. I am loving it. Should you want to join me you can have a look via this link.


My ultimate goal is to help you have a more enjoyable and anxiety free pregnancy by sharing with you information that, hopefully, could resonate or be relevant to you. To me, the time of pregnancy was one of the most amazing in my life and it would be great if you found something on this website useful.

All the best,

Carolyn Wills


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